Brexit in Copenhagen

More than 18,000 Brits now call Denmark their home, with a large majority living in Copenhagen.

Both Matthew and Joseph from The Copenhagen Photographers are originally from the UK and have their own thoughts on Brexit. But now the team would like to hear yours.

Between now and March 2019 we want Brits living in Copenhagen to get in touch with us to share their story. How has Brexit affected you – good or bad – and what are your hopes and fears for the future.

Additionally we’d like to photograph you, and the best pictures and stories will make it in to an exhibition planned around March 29th – the day the UK officially leaves the UK.

We’ll also make sure to include them here on our website.

Brexit in Copenhagen

Leavers and Remainers Welcome

Naturally we expect a large amount of emails from people who voted to remain part of the EU. But we also want to hear from you if you voted to leave. What triggered you to make such a decision, and how does it feel living in another EU country? How does your future in Denmark look?

Whatever your stance on Brexit we can’t promise to agree with you, but we do promise to share your story using your own words. This is a chance to help the Danes better understand the people behind the UK’s most controversial decision in modern times.

Tell Us Your Story

(Please note, that your name and image may appear in national and international media. If you are not cool with this then please don’t contact us, as we need your permission to share your story)

The image above, created by Rlevente, is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.