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Camilla is an adventure photograper and award-winning adventure filmmaker based in Copenhagen, and co-founder of The Copenhagen Photographers..

With a professional background in graphic design and printing, Camillas’s path into the photography business came by extenting her passion for the outdoors into her business, with the knowlegde of what the visual eye likes..

Since then she has been commissioned by clients including Visit Greenland, Danmark Naturfredningsforening, Kriminal Forsorgen, ManovaKOMM, BYGMA, Roskilde University, Friluftsland, Sparta, Team Danmark, Virtu Cycling, newspapers & magazines and even a surprise video for The Royal Crown Prince of Denmark’s 50th birthday.

She lives in Copenhagen when not travelling the world (yes, she’s spending more time in Copenhagen than friends think). When she does find a minute or two, she can be found hanging out with friends on climbing walls, mountain biking, swimming in the ocean or enjoying sushi and plum wine – you have to taste it, before you judge!


“Because of her graphic background, Camilla has the eye for the use of proper
compositions of images on websites and in print.”


Copenhagen Photographer Camilla Hylleberg

Copenhagen Photographers founder Camilla Hylleberg