Harbours Of Copenhagen

I sit back and relax in the beaming sun. Hands resting against the back of my head and feet raised comfortably on the table in front of me. I try to correct my vision, as the reflection from the sun bouncing off my ice cold glass of gin hits my eyes and I pull my sunglasses down from my forehead to give my sight some rest for a moment.


I raise a smile on my face as I look over to the edge of the harbour and see a crowd of people dangling their legs over the harbour walls and couples sharing a jug of mojito or diving into an ice cream as they lay back in their deck chairs and sun loungers.

Copenhagen Harbour

I’m sat on a GoBoat, drifting gently down the harbours of Copenhagen and there is no cloud in sight. The engine purrs gleefully, making a sound just to remind me that it’s there, but not to disturb the conversation I am having on the boat.

The harbours are lined with cafes, bars and sunbathing spots

The water is calm and any waves that pass just merely lift the boat for a second and say hello, before carrying on with its journey to the middle of the ocean.

People enjoying an afternoon on a GoBoat that you can hire from Islands Brygge.

Travelling around the harbours of Copenhagen offer sightseers the chance to see some of the cities most famous landmarks from another perspective. By hiring a GoBoat from Islands Brygge can be an affordable and satisfying way to see famous places of the city such as Nyhavn, the indoor street food market on Paper Island, The Royal Danish Opera House and Christianshavn.


A smooth sail down from Paper Island to the outdoor pool at Island Brygge reveal sights of the many happy revellers, splashing around in the afternoon sun and enjoying the facilities of the swimming and diving area.

Swimmers using the outdoor facilities at Islands Brygge.

The harbours are lined with cafes, bars and sunbathing spots from the Kulturhuset music venue and restaurant to innovative ‘Kayak bar’, where people can enjoy refreshing drinks before jumping into a kayak and paddling around the harbours of Copenhagen until their hearts are content… or until they get told, “your time is up.”


The people of Copenhagen are happy to relax when they are not working. As I continue down river I see people playing chess on picnic tables, families sat outside on their balconies sharing plates of food and toasting a glass to the summer day.

see for yourself what these magnificent waterways have to offer.

Couples embrace one another along the river bank and It’s hard not to get caught up in the romance of the city on such a glorious day. I got lucky with the weather and I felt like I was in debt to the hand of fate from this day on.

One of many harbour tours that leave from Nyhavn throughout the year.

The sweat on my brow reminds me to take another sip of my gin and I tap my feet to the sound of Ray Charles, echoing seductively out of my stereo. I sail on impervious to the heat and realise that sadly my time on the boat is nearly up.


I had discovered so many new sights on this excursion and although the city is a fantastic city to explore by foot, if the opportunity arises, take a cruise on a boat or hire yourself a GoBoat and go and see for yourself what these magnificent waterways have to offer.

The waterways of Copenhagen

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” Mark Twain.