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Originally from the UK, Joseph Miller moved to Sweden to be with his fiancée and to pursue a career in photojournalism.

Educated in Media Writing and Photography, Joseph took a ten-year hiatus from the industry, choosing instead to travel and work various jobs, including Live Music Venue management. However, as he continues to count the grey hairs appearing above his forehead, Joe now finds himself returning to the profession his heart never left.

Joseph is considered to be a talented writer by those in the game, and has recently received praise by journalists working for the National Geographic and Visit Aarhus, to name but a few.

Although he spends most of his days writing and taking photos, he is a keen sports enthusiast, musician and traveller.

If you catch Joseph when he’s not holding a pen or camera, he’ll be watching his favourite football team or dreaming about that house he’s always wanted next to a beach. Not too much to ask for in life.

Joseph’s passion and drive to return to the world of photography is incredible. This, combined with his love for Music Photography, makes him an ideal choice for gigs and late-night events across the city.


Copenhagen Photographer Joseph Miller

Copenhagen Photographers member Joseph Miller