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Martina is an enthusiastic photographer specialised in food- and wedding photography. Since her first (super old) film camera, she’s worked hard to turn her passion into her profession.

Born by the coast in the south of Italy, she grew up dreaming about being an artist. During her master in Art, she started working as a photographer in Perugia (Italy), where she got into the world of portraits and brides.

She decided to permanently move to Copenhagen in 2012, when – during a summer internship – she hopelessly fell in love with the city. Then winter came, and she still hasn’t got used to it.

Her love for food made it easy to break into food photography as well, working for clients like Trip Advisor and Wolt.

She is a hunter for natural light and candid moments, as her main goal is to create spontaneous and intimate images that will make you feel something.

You might catch her riding her bike in the old town, or eating shellfish along the canals.


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