The Copenhagen Photographers are a dedicated team of professional photographers and videographers based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Co-founders Matthew James Harrison and Camilla Hylleberg decided to join forces when their own independent photography businesses started to get too large for them to handle alone. Shortly after Martina and Joseph joined the team.

 “Both Camilla and I were constantly looking for other photographers to give extra assignments to,” explains Matthew. “So we felt it was time to provide a service whereby we always have reliable photographers standing by”.

 “And by working with photographers who are passionate about what they do, we only ever deliver the very best images to our clients” continues Camilla.

Matthew and Camilla’s shared passion for sports photography first brought them together, and they soon realised that they were more like colleagues than competitors.

When Martina og Joseph joined the team we added extra experience and other photography specialties, like business, events, music, food and weddings.

Martina explains: “Being part of this team is truly inspiring, as we can benefit from one another, we share our ideas and our knowledge: working together really brings out the best of us.”

The Copenhagen Photographers is now a Photo Agency of enthusiastic professional photographers, who like to work together and support each other and with over 30 years of experience the team shoots a wide range of challenging assignments including corporate campaigns, product photography, lifestyle, wedding, food, sport and editorial.
Martina, Joseph, Matthew & Camilla
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From left to right: Joe Miller, Camilla Hylleberg, Matthew James, Martina Lanotte