We know you have a wide choice of photographers to choose from in Copenhagen, but we believe our solution is unique…

1. We’re a team!

Whilst many photographers work independently, we’ve chosen to work together. It means that we help and support each other, improve and learn from one another, and share our knowledge and expertise.

2. We’re flexible

Every time a job request comes in we instantly share it amongst the team. Who can do it, who wants to do it, does it require two people, who’s available just in case the photographer gets sick on the day? 

3. We know other photographers

Our network of photographers throughout Copenhagen continues to grow. If we can’t do the job ourselves, we will find the right photographer for you who can.

4. We’re efficient

Imagine this! You hire a photographer to cover your event – it could be a wedding, conference, party or sports event – and after several hours they’re finished taking pictures. Chances are they’re tired and ready for a well-deserved rest after a long day, but you want your images straight away.

Our team work together to make this happen. Whenever possible, we’ll join forces to upload, edit and send the final images over to you ASAP, so you can share them with friends, colleagues and followers on social media. Better still, we can even upload them to social media on your behalf if you want. That’s exactly what we do for our regular client, Downtown Hostel. You can read a case study here.

5. We have mixed talents

Our photographers are a skilled bunch. We’re experts when it comes to wedding photography, food photography, product photography, music photography, event photography, commercial photography, and video. Between us, we have the experience to approach any assignment, and we bring others onboard if we need extra assistance.

6. We find ways to meet your budget

We’ve learnt two things in the years we’ve been working as photographers: i) Budgets for Photography are not increasing, ii) There are so many cheap photographers out there, but they don’t necessarily get the job done!

Our business model is simple: we want to be busy with daily photography assignments, and the busier we get, the lower we can make our prices. By hiring us – and hiring us often for shorter/faster assignments – we can organise our photographers to attend several jobs per day.  

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